Time Management

With Quantic POS, you can track hours of your employees with the help of Clock-In/ Clock-Out feature. Under time management you will be able to see all the employee’s clock-in and clock-out times. You can edit the clock-in/clock-out time or add clock-in and clock-out for an employee if he/she has forgotten for that day.

How to add Clock In/Clock Out time for any employee?

Login to the Quantic backend portal. Click on the left navigation bar Main-menu , click on ‘Time Management’.

To add a new time entry click on the Add-sign sign on the top right corner as shown in the image above . To edit an existing time entry for an employee click on Update-Device on the right hand side of the employee’s name.

Select employee from the ‘Employee’ drop down which will show list of all available employees. 

Once an employee is selected, select the role for that employee from the ‘Role’ drop down listing all associated roles of the employees.

From the ‘Status’ drop down select the status for which you want to add the time entry.If its a Clock-in entry , status will be Clock-in , enter the Clock In time and click on Save. If you want to enter Clock Out entry, status will be Clock-out and enter Clock- Out time only.

 Finally click on as seen in the screenshot.