Quantic Digital Signage

Quantic Digital Signage is a revolutionary technology to display your most updated menu items or promotional stuff on a digital screen. With it, you don’t have to worry about updating the menu boards manually as it’s completely automated. You just have to set it once and forget it forever.

Flexible and Cost-Effective

  • Quantic Digital Signage is an intuitive way to present your products and services to the customers and increase sales.
  • It is easy to use and is ideal for restaurants, sports bars, and fine dining restaurants.
  • You can add multiple TVs to the same account and choose what your customers see on TV.

Create an Impactful Home Screen

  • You can customize the background color, add an image, or run slideshows on the signage based on your restaurant’s theme.
  • It also allows you to add your restaurant’s logo on signage on the go.

Promote Your Products

  • Display the combo offers, meals of the day, and other special offers.
  • Add engaging videos, promote new items or sell advertising space on Quantic signage.
  • Quantic Signage is programmed smartly which allows your promo videos and slideshows (PlayList) to repeat automatically.

Responsive Design

  • Your content is shaped and sized by your display.
  • Adjust the font size for header, categories, item name, description, price, etc.

Customize the Column and Items

  • Now you can easily adjust the number of columns as per the screen size.
  • Easily add the items in a column to display what you sell and delete the items that you don’t sell anymore.

Add Right Price For Right Item Size

With Quantic signage you can add the appropriate price for different item sizes. (Yet to be released in a future version)

Add Category Description

  • Add description for any category to showcase its specialty.
  • Describe any special item in your cart to fascinate your customers and compel them to buy.

Customize an Item Name for Signage

Display a different item name on signage based on its popularity.