Setting up your Epson TM-T88:

1. Connecting your printer

  1. Connect the AC adapter to the AC cable .
  2. Connect the AC adapter into the power supply at the back of your printer.
  3. Connect the AC cable to an electrical outlet.
  4. Optionally, connect the larger end of the RJ11-45 cable to the back of your cash drawer and the smaller end to the drawer kick-out port at the back of your printer.

2. Inserting your paper roll

  1. To open the printer’s cover, push down the latch on the right and lift the lid
  2. Insert the paper roll in the orientation below.
  3. Pull the paper out past the cutter at the front of the printer.
  4. Push the lid down to snap the latch shut and tear off the excess paper.

3. Connecting your printer and iPad to your network

For your Retail POS app to be able to print receipts, your printer needs to be directly connected to your internet router with an ethernet cable. For your Retail POS to then communicate with your printer, your iPad needs to be connected to the same network in its ethernet settings.

a. Connecting your printer to your internet router

  1. Connect one end of the ethernet cable to the ethernet interface port at the
    back of your printer.
  2. Connect the other end of the ethernet cable to an ethernet port on your
    internet router.
  3. At the front of your printer, press the power button
    wait for the power light
    to become solid.

b. Configuring your iPad's settings

  1. From your iPad, tap Settings .
  2. From the left menu, tap Ethernet .
  3. On the right, select your network’s name .
  4. Enter your network’s password and tap Join (Only on Wi – Fi).
  5. Wait until your iPad is connected to your network.

4. Assigning your printer to your Metispro account

Depending on if your iPad automatically detects your receipt printer, you can assign your printer from the automatically detected list or manually add it using its IP address.

a. Assigning an automatically detected printer

  1. Open your Retail POS app.
  2. From the 3 gears logo, tap the Printers icon.
  3. On the Printer settings screen, tap your printer from the list to assign it to your device.
  4. Optionally, select Automatically Print Receipt if you want a receipt to print automatically when you tap the Finish Sale button. Otherwise, you’ll have to manually tap Print Receipt after finishing a sale.
  5. From the main menu, ensure the “receipt printer” status icon is green.

b. Assigning an automatically detected printer

Before you begin, you will need to print your IP Address . To do so, make sure your printer is powered on. Then with the help of a paper clip or a small pointed object, press and hold the push button at the back of your printer for about 3 seconds. This will print your printer’s Dynamic Status Sheet .

  1. Open your Retail POS app.
  2. From the main menu, tap the receipt printer icon.
  3. On the Printer settings screen, tap the “red” EDIT icon.
  4. From the list, select your printer’s model .
  5. Enter your printer’s Description and IP Address and tap Add.
  6. From the main menu, ensure the receipt printer status icon is green.


To delete a manually added printer, from the list of printers, swipe your printer's name to the left and tap Delete.

5. Printing a test receipt

  1. From the main menu, tap any of your product.
  2. From the checkout or quick pay icons list, tap a completed sale .
  3. This will tender sale and Print Receipt .

Setting up T M88vi on the backend (Webconfig)

Open Safari on your ipad In the Search bar put in the ip address plus /webconfig (Ex.

On the left hand menu. Web Service Settings.Spooler

On the spooler settings page Enable the basic spooler settings.

Also make sure the count is (4) & and Intervals is (30)

After all changes has been made, Click the apply button On the left hand menu. Go to System settingsTCP/IP

On this screen you will be changing the “get ip address” from auto to manual, this will be making the ip address “static”

After all changes have been made click the Apply button below Now that all above is properly changed. You will need to change settings in the portal as well. go to location Configurations Printers Select the correct printer with the same ip Address Make these changes

Add [Local_printer] to ip address {if printer model is the TM U220i – Make sure to add