Setting up scale

Start by setting up your Epson T88vi ( see printer install ) After your printer has been set up

  1. plug the your scale in and connect the serial cable from the scale to the epson u220i
  2. After the serial cable has been plugged in, input the ip address from the printer into the address bar followed by webconfig. ( )
  3. Enter epson for both the username and password.
  4. After you have logged in go to the left hand side and select serial device
  5. Check to make sure the baudrate is set to 9,600
  6. Set stop bit to 1
  7. Set data bit to 7
  8. Set flow ctrl to none
  9. Set parity to even
  10. Press test

After test is hit com test will pull up

  1. If done correct there will be a message in the left hand box that says “ connected to epos device service interface (DSI) you can use serial
  2. Exit out of operating test tab
  3. Go to the top right of the page and hit apply and restart.

After all of these steps are done and done correctly you will be able to use the scale to weigh and automatically charge in the pos

CAS PD-2 60 lb

The CAS scales are designed and produced under rigid quality control to deliver outstanding performance, reliability and long life. Below is a quick overview of the parts and functions of the scale. Download Link

Name and Functions

Overall View




General Weighing

  • The display indicates ZERO symbol, if weight is at ZERO.
  • When the display is not zero though there is nothing on the platter, press the ZERO key.
  1. Turn on the power. The display shows 0.00 or 0.000. Make sure that ST(Stable) and ZERO lamps are On.
  2. Place an item on the platter. When the ST(Stable) lamp is 0n, read the weight.

ECR Interface

  • PD-II can interface with most ECRs by selecting TYPE 0 to TYPE 6.

ECR Type Selection

  1. Make sure that power is OFF. While pressing “#” key, turn on the power. “EcrSEt” is shown on the disply. And then current ECR type is shown on the display as “tYPE-2”.
  2. If you select ECR type 5, press the ” “ key until the display shows “tYPE-5”. (Refer to Table 1.)
  3. To save current ECR type, press the ZERO key

Error Message