Time Management

  • Our solution offers the ability to set pin length (1-8 digits in length)
  • Employees can have multiple roles with a set default role assignment- will have a pop up to choose role after putting in pin
  • Ability to force clock in
  • Ability to add manual time entry in the event employee forgot to clock in/out
  • Ability to Print Employee Sales Summary at time of Clock
  • Ability to change employee status from active to inactive
  • Clocking out will print out either Employee Detail or a slip showing clock in and clock out time

Service Area/Revenue Center

Revenue Center

Quick Order

  • Add Call in name for Order Service Area
  • Ability to Hold Orders to start new Order

Delivery (If Applicable)

  • Integrated with google maps
  • Saves Customer Information if not exist in the system
  • Autofill all information if customer is saved in the system
  • Pre-set delivery minimum time

Order Management

Order Management
  • Place Order based on Revenue Center
  • Option to choose which copy of receipt to print when paying
  • Ability to add item by using scanner or iPad camera
  • Input items with weight by using scale
  • Tier weight functionality
  • Option to use scale or put in weight manually

Out of Stock

  • Mark items out of stock to prevent taking orders on unavailable items


  • Option to apply discount to the entire order or selected items
  • Predefined discounts
  • Prints receipt automatically when doing 100% discount


  • Option to comp on the entire order or on selected items
  • Add Predefined comp reasons
  • Prints receipt automatically when comping


  • Option to void the entire order or selected items

Inventory Management

  • Set inventory for items to track your sales
  • Give notification if item is out of stock
  • Alternative Look Up Features to make search easier
  • Profit margin report based on COGs of Sale Price
  • Margin or Sale Price is calculated automatically when having COG and Margin or vice versa
  • Ability to Set Reorder Point to see Over and Under levels for each item

Vendor Management

Vendor Management
  • Ability to create profiles for Vendor with all their contact information all in one place
  • Option to have additional contacts for vendors not primary contacts
  • Ability to search for vendor
  • Advanced filter for easier management

Purchase Order (PO)

Purchase Order
  • Creates Purchase Orders easily
  • Autofill Vendors’ profile
  • Intuitive search options
  • Ability to create large Purchase Order quickly
  • Ability to edit Quantity, Cost of Goods and deleting items from Purchase Order
  • Ability to Edit PO date
  • Option to Generate or Hold PO for later
  • Report to show Paid or Unpaid PO
  • Email PO directly to vendor
  • Ability to mark PO as received if shipment from vendor is received manually
  • Manage PO payments from Portal

Access Management

  • Ability to assign multiple roles to an employee so that employee can have access to certain functions
  • Restrict employee access to discount, comp, void, etc.
  • Ability to enable/disable privileges at role level or employee level


  • Different level of reporting
  • Restrict user to Print EOD when there are open orders
  • Tax Inclusive

KPI Reports

  • Hourly Sales Reports
  • Sales by Terminal
  • Top Sales By Employees
  • Top Seller Categories
  • Top Sellers Items

Transactions Reports

  • Cash Transactions
  • Close Order
  • Credit Card Transaction
  • Open Orders
  • Tax Association Report
  • Time Based Tip Report

Product Mix Report

  • Filter by Terminal or Service Area
  • Sales By Items
  • Sales By Modifier
  • Sales By Super Category
  • Sales By Unmapped Items
  • Sales by Category

Sales Summary

  • Sales by Date
  • Sales Summary/EOD

Operational Reports

  • Discount and Comp
  • Void Item Report

Employee Report

  • Employee Sales
  • Time Report

Audit Reports

  • Cash Drawer

Tax Reports

  • Reports for different tax classes

Customer Management

Customer Management
  • Ability to Add Customer Personal Information ( Name, Telephone number, email address, Delivery and billing address)
  • Integrated with Google to autofill and validate address
  • Start order using existing Customer saved profile
  • Review Customer previous orders
  • Add Customer Notes to profile


Closing procedures

  • Prints EOD of current day or previous days
  • Option to prevent printing EOD if there are open orders


  • Currently closing batch automatically on set time

Cash Management

  • Ability to Set Till, Pay In, Pay Out, Cash Counted by the end of the day etc.
  • Prints Summary of Cash Drawer to notify if cash is short or over


1. Cash

2. Payment Gateway





3. General Card Payments

Debit cards


Gift cards

Mastercard payments

4. User defined payments

  • Check
  • House Account
  • Any third party delivery service Etc.

5. Gift Card

  • Metis gift card
  • Heartland gift card

6. Discount

  • Ability to set predefined discounts

7. Comp

8. Void

9. Manual credit card

10. Refund

  • Partial
  • Tip refund
  • Full refund

11. Return

  • Ability to choose item for return
  • Option to Restock when returning
  • Ability to start order with returns