User Log In

Any user account associated with the location can sign into the Quantic POS Application. Simply enter your Username and Password and click on ‘ Sign In ’. You can use ‘ Remember Me ’ option to remember your login on the device.

If there is no user assigned to your location please contact the Quantic support team .


Once the user is logged in, the credentials are authenticated and the data is synced from the database to your device.

The authenticating symbol signifies that the login credentials are being checked for validity.

Once the credentials are verified, all the data is synced to the device. The ease of using Quantic is even when the internet is having issues you can continue using the product without a hitch. As soon as it gets the internet, Quantic will sync that data and provide you with uninterrupted access to the data.

Select Location

Applies only if the client has more than one location.

Quantic provides you the ability to manage multiple locations with a single login. Once you are logged in to the software, it will give a select location where you can select any of your present location from the drop down.

Just tap on any location to select it and tap on Select-Button button.

Terminal Screen

Quantic provides you the ability to have multiple terminals for your business. You can now easily set up any of the payment gateway with any terminal. Each terminal can have only 1 payment gateway and vice versa.

Quantic also provides you the ability to track your sales by terminal and tips on each terminal. We provide you with reports which are easy to navigate through and provide insights into sales in the most easy to understand way which makes your sales tracking much easier.

Lets understand the screen in detail

TheReports-Search allows you to search a particular terminal within all the present terminals.

The Select-Button symbol which terminal is currently selected on the device.

TheSelect-Buttonbutton allows you to select that particular terminal. Once you request access for any terminal any other device logged in the same terminal will get logged out.

Each terminal block shows the information about the terminal. The example shows two terminals, Terminal 1 as Cashier and Terminal 2 as Bartender.

  1. This shows the terminal name and can be customized according to your convenience.
  2. This shows the terminal description and can be customized as well.

Employee Login

Quantic provides you the ability to allow each employee to have their own pin to maintain the confidentiality of your business. The pin length is also customizable according to your convenience. Specific privileges can be provided to every employee role. You have the ability to hide other employee’s tables/tabs/orders from any employee. You can only show the reporting to employees having specific roles.

You can also restrict certain employee roles from using the special privileges like Discounts, Voids, Comps and Refunds. They cannot be used unless the manager pin is entered in the system.

After employee is logged in, the POS can have landing page according to your convenience, either Order Screen or Service Area.

Clock In

The Select-Button symbol on the login screen signifies the Clock In/Clock Out . You can now easily keep track of the working hours of all employees. The working hours along with the hourly pay rate provides you with a detailed payroll report which saves you from the hassle of making calculations manually.

You can have the clock in/clock out forced for any employee to make sure that none of the shift is missed in the record. Forcing clock in will ensure that the employee is not able to login until they are clocked in to the system.

You can have multiple roles assigned to an employee. He/She has to select the role before Clocking-In or Clocking-Out.

In the example, Nik K has entered his pin and he is clocking in. Once he click on Select-Button it will display the Menu/Home screen .

Also the employee can print his/her shift summary.

Service Area

Quantic provides you the ability to customize the service areas in your POS. You can name the service areas as per your requirement. Quantic provides multiple service areas like Main Dining, Patio, Bar Tabs, Take out, Order and Delivery.

Each type is designed to meet your needs making the order taking process simple and to the point.

In the screenshot, the squares indicate the number of tables available in the main dining area.

You can enter number of guests, once you tap on the table as shown on the screenshot.

The screenshot displays the map of Main dining.

  • The Red square indicates that the table is occupied.
  • The Green square indicates that the check is given to the customer and are ready for checkout.
  • The Grey squares show the empty tables.

Quantic also allows you to rename, duplicate , delete or move the table. Just a long press on the table and it displays the following screen.

Once you enter the number of guests, you will automatically land on the restaurant main menu page.

Bar Tabs

Another service area to help you take orders on the go is Bar Tabs. Bar Tabs provide you the ability to create card as well as manual tabs. Simply tap on Select-Button icon in bar tab service area and choose the option according to the customer’s needs. Once icon is tapped a pop up like below will open.

Credit Card option allows you to swipe and authenticate the customer’s card at the time when order is started. The card will be authenticated with a penny transaction and adjusted at the time of final payment. You only need to swipe the card once to initiate the tab, the card is automatically charged once tapped on the ‘Credit Card’ option on payment screen.Manual tab option allows you to create a tab manually and process order further.


This service area let’s you take the takeout orders without any hassle. Simply tap on Select-Button icon and a popup with relevant details of customer will open like below.

It will ask you to enter customer’s name,number and takeout date & time. Just like Delivery, Takeout service area also provides the feature to send customer text message when the order is complete to the entered phone number.


This service area provides you the ability to take delivery orders on the go. Simply tap on the Select-Button icon and a new pop up asking for customer details will open like the image.

It will ask for the customer’s name, number, address and delivery date and time. Quantic also provides you the ability to send text to customer’s entered phone number to let them know that their order is completed.


This service area allows you to take a quick order without asking for any customer details.

To take an order in a particular service area just click on the service area name at the top and click on Select-Button to start a new order.

Let’s begin to take an order

The screenshot below shows the main order screen . It explains every tab present on the main menu screen.

  1. Display the table number and name
  2. Scan or search any item from the menu here
  3. Shortcut to service areas
  4. Reconnect to the printer or wifi
  5. Notifies if there are issues with the printers
  6. Shortcut to open cash drawer
  7. Exist out of the order
  8. Displays the name of the server
  9. Indicates number of guests at the table
  10. Show the order start date and time
  1. Select the quantity required of any item from the menu
  2. Hold and start new order
  3. Print the receipt
  4. Send the order to the kitchen and continue taking further order
  5. Select item from the order for Comp/Discount/Void or Delete
  6. Pay for the order by Cash/Credit or any other payment method
  7. Delete the order and mark as no Sale.

Left Navigation Bar

Quantic provides easy navigation across all screens by just tapping on the Left Navigation bar.

the navigation bar, simply tap on Main-menu button from any screen on the top left corner. A drawer withoptions will open on the screen.

Here you can choose any of the above options and easily navigate to a different section.

The button navigates you to the order screen where orders can be processed directly.

The button navigates you to the service area screen where all the service areasfor your business are listed. You can choose any service area and start a new order or open any existing order.

The button navigates you the customer section where all information about any registered customer can be accessed. The information includes basic details like Name, Phone Number, Address, Email and other information like Previous Orders, Saved Cards and any customer specific notes. This section will also show any loyalty points that the customer has earned.

Customer Management

Understanding the section better

To add a new customer just tap on Select-Button icon. A pop up window will open asking for details about the customer as the image below. The information contains customer’s first and last name, phone number and email address.

The ‘ + Add Address ’ will open another pop up asking for Delivery and Billing Address of the customer. You can use the delivery address as billing address by checking the box ‘ Use as Billing Address ’ in the Delivery Address section.

The Main-menu icon filters the customers based on First Name, Last Name or Mobile Number.

Simply enter the required keywords and tap on Apply, it will show a list of the filtered results. When a customer is selected, complete details of the customer are visible on the right side of the window.

In the  screenshot when the customer is selected button starts a new order for that
customer in the default service area.

The information on the right shows the Reward ID, total acquired points, number of previous orders and total spent since registered with your business for that customer.

The customer contact details section shows the personal details like email address, phone number, billing and delivery address. Tapping on Select-Button edits the customer details. On tapping the icon edit window will pop open where you can make the required changes.

+ Add Address will be used to edit the current address.


The ‘Notes’ tab at the bottom (Next to Details) is used to list all customer specific notes and use them with the customer’s orders in future.

The Select-Button icon is used to create a new note for the selected customer. On tapping the icon a new pop up window will open asking details for the note to be created.

This pop up will contain Note Title, Note Description and choice to show notes during various stages of
order processing. Quantic provides you option to show notes either during customer lookup or print the notes on receipt or add the note to the order. You can select any option as per your convenience.
Once the note is created it is visible in the Notes tab of the Customer Information.

  1. This section shows the date and time when the note was created.
  2. This section shows the Note Title, Description, Time Elapsed since creation and created by .
  3. This icon is used to print the selected customer note.
  4. This icon is used to edit the selected customer note.
  5. This icon is used to delete the selected customer note.

The ‘Saved Cards’ tab shows details of all the cards used previously by the customer for payments.

It shows details like Cardholder Name, Card Type, Expiry Date and List of ref numbers for which the
card was used.

Previous Orders

The ‘Previous Orders’ tab shows details about all the previous orders of the customer with which the customer was associated.

It has details like

  • Ref No.,
  • Order No.,
  • Ordered Date & Time,
  • Ordered Items and,
  • Total of the Order

Order Management

The button will navigate you to the orders section where you can access any open or closed order. In this section the employee who is logged in can see their own orders.

The The ‘ My Orders ’ section shows list of all orders for the employee who is logged in. It contains all open as well as closed orders for the employee.

All the details of any order are shown on the screen as follows:

  • Order # Order Number
  • Ref # Reference Number
  • Date/Time Date and Time when the order was started
  • Customer Customer (if associated) Name
  • Employee Employee Name
  • Pay Type Pay Type of Payment (Blank if the order is open)
  • Table/Tab Name of Tab or Table Number
  • Amount Total amount of order
  • Tip Tip amount on order
  • Tota Total (Amount + Tip) of order

The Reports-Dateis used to search an order in the current window based on Order No. and Ref. No.

The Reports-Date option provides you advanced search criteria as image where you can search orders based on different parameters and for any of the previous days.

Total Amount ’ shows the total amount of all the orders for the day. ‘Total Orders’ shows the total number of orders for the day.

Open Orders

Open orders shows the orders which are yet to be paid.

All the details of any order are shown on the screen as follows:

  • Order # Order Number
  • Ref # Reference Number
  • Date/Time Date and Time when the order was started
  • Customer Customer (if associated) Name
  • Employee Employee Name
  • Table/Tab Name of Tab or Table Number
  • Total Total amount of order

Closed Orders

Closed orders are orders which are closed,the orders for which the payment is made.

All the details of any order are shown on the screen as follows:

  • Order # Order Number
  • Ref # Reference Number
  • Date/Time Date and Time when the order was started
  • Customer Customer (if associated) Name
  • Employee Employee Name
  • Pay Type Pay Type of Payment (Blank if the order is open)
  • Table/Tab Name of Tab or Table Number
  • Amount Total amount of order
  • Tip Tip amount on order
  • Tota Total (Amount + Tip) of order

Delivery Orders

The button will navigate you through the delivery section where you can see the delivery orders. The screenshot explains this section in detail.

All the details of any order are shown on the screen as follows:

  • Ref # Displays the Ref number of the order.
  • Customer Name The name of the Customer.
  • Address The address where the order needs to be delivered.
  • Delivery Date/ Time Shows the delivery order when it was taken.
  • Select Driver The driver who is clocked in the system, his/her name is displayed.

Once you tap on the Order for delivery, you have to select the driver and click on
Once the order is assigned for delivery who can see under the Assigned Delivery as shown in the screenshot.

By clicking on we can change the driver / edit the driver at any given point of time.


The button will navigate you to the tips section where you can see tips on all the transactions and add or edit them. Quantic provides you access to all your tips at one place.

The screen gives complete information about tips on all orders.

The ‘Total Tips’ shows the total amount of tips on all the transactions.

The Reports-Date allows user to search transactions by reference number.

All the details of any order are shown on the screen as follows:

  • Order #Order Number
  • Ref #Reference Number
  • CheckCheck No. (By Default check no. is 1 in case of single check and in case of multiple check it is the desired check number for which tip is being shown)
  • EmployeeEmployee Name
  • Order LabelName of the service area
  • PaidTotal Amount of the order
  • Tip Tip Amount of the order
  • Last 4Last 4 digits of card if the order is paid by Credit Card
  • Action Action for tip on particular transaction

Select-Button icon indicates there is no tip on the order. Tapping on ‘Add Tip’will open a pop up window
providing you option to add tip on the transaction as  image.

The Select-Button button allows user to apply $0.00 tip on the transaction.

icon indicates the tip is applied on the transaction. Once the tip is applied, you can only edit the
tip. On tapping the ‘Edit Tip’ button a new pop up window will open providing option to the user to
apply tip like the image .


The Select-Button button will navigate you to the reporting section in the POS. From here you can see all the different reports as well as print them. The screenshot below shows the different reports that can be printable.

You can select any report from the left menu and tap on it to open the report. The report will be like image below.

The Select-Button icon lets you print your report on your selected receipt printer.

The Reports-Date field lets you select the date for which you want to view the report. After selecting the date range, tapping on ‘Go’ provides you the report for desired date range. To change the date tap on any of the date field and a date range selector will pop open allowing you to select your desired date.


The Select-Button button will navigate you to the hardware section where you can add, edit, enable and disable any peripheral device.

By tapping on printers you will be taken to the printer screen showing a list of all your saved printers.

By tapping Select-Button lets you scan all the available printers on Bluetooth and WiFi.

The Wifi or Bluetooth option provides you the choice to choose the printer on either of the two. ‘Retry’ button lets you search the available printers again.

Tapping on ‘Add’ on any of the available printers opens a popup window asking for the details to add the printer to your saved list.

The details listed are as follows:

  • Name :Name of the printer
  • Group :Group to which the printer belongs. You can also add the printer group manually by tapping on the Select-Button icon.
  • Model:Printer Model
  • Drawer Name:Drawer Name (If the Drawer is attached and enabled)
  • Enable Drawer:Whether you want to enable the drawer
  • Network Type:Network type for the printer (WiFi or Bluetooth)
  • MAC Address:MAC Address of the printer (Not Mandatory)
  • Printer Type:Type of the printer (Thermal or Impact)
  • Printer Brand:Printer Brand

Once the printer is added to the saved list, tapping on printer will open a popup to select the printer for printing.

This pop up provides all the details of the printer and provides an option to enable printing for this printer.

Quantic also provides you an option to print unassigned items to any selected printer so that you don’t miss any order with our POS.


The Select-Button button will navigate you to the settings section where various local settings are present and you can change them according to your convenience to reflect in the POS.

1. Change Terminal

This option allows you to change your terminal during order processing.

Just tap on Select-Button on any terminal you want to change to and then back to order processing from the new terminal. Any other employee logged in to the terminal you selected will get logged out.

2. Configuration

The configuration screen gives you option to customize various aspects of your software.

Each option has a toggle button from where you can enable and disable the setting.

3. Reset Order Num

This option allows you to reset your order number.

Once the order number is reset it will start again from #1. It will reset only order number and not reference

Add Item

The Select-Button button will navigate you to the Quick Item Add screen where you can add item directly from the POS without going through the hassle of adding it from the backend portal. You can also add item inventory from this section.

The details in the screenshot are as follows:

  • 1.UPC: UPC of the product ( The Select-Button icon lets you scan the barcode of the product which will automatically detect the UPC of the product)
  • 2.Product Name: Name of the product
  • 3.Price: Price of the product
  • 4.Select Category: Category of the product (Tapping on ‘Select Category’ will open drop down containing all the available categories)
  • 5.Select Tax Class: Tax Class for the product (Tapping on ‘Select Tax Class’ will open drop down containing all the available tax class)
  • 6.Enable Inventory Tracking: This will enable the inventory for the added product.
  • 7.Enable Negative Inventory: This will enable negative inventory for the added product. It will allow you to perform sale even when the inventory is 0 and further update inventory in negative. Once stock is added it will automatically update the inventory taking into account the negative quantity.
  • 8.Enable Insufficient Quantity alert: This will provide a pop up when the item is low in stock and needs to be restocked.

Cash Management

The Select-Button button will navigate you to the cash management section where all the data regarding multiple cash drawers is visible. You will only be able to access the cash drawer which is associated with the current terminal.

The screenshot below shows the cash drawer attached to the selected terminal.

‘Manage’ enables to manage the cash drawer.

You can set till, pay-in, pay-out as shown in the screenshot

You can also print the summary for the day, which is shown in the screenshot

Clock out

The  screenshot shows how to clock-out any employee. Simply click on Select-Button and the employee is clocked out.