PAX S 300

What you will need

PAX S300 card reader

S300 connector cable

S300 power cable

Ethernet cable

Set up

  1. Remove the back on the PAX and connect the S300 connector cable
    1. Replace the back when done
  2. Connect the power cable to the connector cable
  3. Plug ethernet cable into the red end of the connector cable and plug the other end into an available port on the router or network switch.

Setting up the reader

  1. After powered on the press menu on the screen.
  2. Enter password and hit enter
    1. If you don’t know the password contact retailer.
  3. Press the down arrow
  4. Press communications
  5. Enter password followed by the green enter key
  6. Press down arrow and select lan parameters
  7. Select ip address
    1. Write down the IP address
  8. Press red cancel key until taken back to main menu.
  9. Go into Quantic pos and press the button in the top left corner
  10. Press hardware
  11. Select card readers
  12. Enter the ip address