Multiple Screen Options

After adding and selecting the desired station, you can also choose which display you want to view on the screen – Expo Display or Kitchen Display. Select the display you want to view, tap on it and you will see the desired display showing all the current orders in the kitchen.

Kitchen Display

The Kitchen screen displays all orders for the kitchen. It allows one-stop order processing and gives you complete control of the preparation times. In the Kitchen display, you can Bump, Recall Orders or you can select items ready to serve using a simple touch. The above screenshot displays the Kitchen Display of Quantic KDS. Here are some terminologies that you should know to learn the Kitchen Display.


The toolbar at the top provides various options to the user.
  • The Home button
    takes the user to the Select Station screen where the user can select a different station’s KDS.
  • The Refresh button
    allows the user to refresh the screen to check for any updated information on tickets
  • The button allows
    the user to recall recently done tickets back to the screen.
  • The
    bar allows users to search the orders using the order number.
  • The button
    allows the user to toggle between the Expo Display and Kitchen Display. When Kitchen Display is on the screen the button will show , you can click on it to navigate to the Expo Display and Vice Versa.
  • The Navigation button
    provides a drop-down menu to the users from where they can navigate to different options – Order By, Group By, and Clear All Tickets.
  • The Settings button
    will take the user to the Settings page where they can customize the KDS according to their preferences.
  • Bump button
    Once each item in an order is ready, you can touch the Bump button. It will send a signal to the front of the house regarding items that are ready to be served.
  • Recall button
    You can recall and reprocess the bumped orders by clicking the Recall button. You just need to select the items in an order to be recalled and click the Recall button on the top of the screen. If all the items in an order need to be recalled, click Select All at the bottom of the check and click Recall on the top.
  • Server Name
    Name of the serving employee. On the above screen, it is Sam Thopes.
  • Service Areas
    For Example, Dine-in, Bar, Quick Order, Delivery, and Takeout. It is displayed in the middle of every check.
The top of the header shows the service area in which the order is taken and its payment status. If the order is paid, it will show Paid alongside the service area name as shown in the above screenshot.
On the top left of the header, it shows the name of the server who took the order, and below it shows the date and time at which the order was sent to the kitchen. Check out the above screenshots.
On the top right of the header, you can see the order number (#342) and the time elapsed (00:09). Checkout the above screens. The header color changes based on the time elapsed.
Elapsed time – It is the time calculated from when the item was sent to the kitchen.

Coursing and Positioning

Quantic KDS shows coursing and positioning on the tickets. To enable coursing and positioning, the users have to enable Show Course and Show Position buttons from the settings.

Item List

The ticket shows the list of items in an order. Once an item is prepared in the kitchen, the chef can just tap on the checkbox adjacent to that item and the item name will be strike-off from the list.
The completed items from the kitchen will go to the Expo screen. Once an item is ready to serve, the Expo can mark it as completed by tapping on the Bump button.


To not miss any detail and to avoid dishes returning, Quantic shows the item as well as order-level notes on the KDS tickets. It helps chefs and expo to make sure of any special instruction requested by the customer.
Where the item level notes are shown just below the item, the order level notes have their separate section under the item list.
The footer in the Quantic KDS tickets varies for the Expo Screen and the Kitchen Screen.
In the Kitchen screen, the footer gives an option to Select All items to mark them as completed. It shows the number of items completed vs the total number of items and the Bump button which will allow the Chef to send the entire ticket to the Expo screen once tapped on.
In the Expo Screen, the footer gives an option to Select All items to mark them as completed. It shows the number of items completed vs the total number of items and the Done button which will allow the Expo to mark the ticket as completely done.


Quantic also allows you to Void specific items in an order. If this setting is enabled, the void item will be grayed, unable to select and it will have Void written in the front. If the item is marked as completed it will only show Void written in the front.

Order Management Features

  • KDS Auto Bump
    This will hide the ticket from the kitchen display once the total order amount has been paid. Further, the ticket will start flashing on the Expo screen.
  • First in First Order Option
    It will display the first order in first position.
  • Last Order in First Order Option
    It will display the last order in first position.
  • Recall Tickets
    This option allows you to recall the order for reprocessing.
  • Set Customer Number of Columns and Rows
    This allows you to set the number of columns and rows as per the customer count.
  • Set Dynamic Ticket Height
    This option will adjust the ticket height automatically to accommodate the item list.
  • Create a Separate Ticket for an Additional Item Order
    This option will allow you to create a separate ticket for an additional item.

Expo Display

This is how the Kitchen Display Screen looks like. Every check consists of the item name, quantity and has a service area written on the top. It also mentions the serving employee’s name. Once the order completes, the chef can click the Done button at the bottom of the check.
Here are some essential features that make the Quantic Kitchen Display System the most needed in your kitchen
  • The tickets in Quantic KDS contain every important detail which makes it easy for chefs to not miss anything in the order.
  • Seamless integration with the Point of Sale system.
  • You can adjust the screen visibility by increasing or decreasing the font size.
  • Change the header color as per your choice.
  • Recall tickets feature.
  • Set modification alerts – You can set the alerts for custom preparation. Once set, our CDS will notify you with a beep.