Inventory Management

With Quantic POS you can now track your inventory in real time so you know what to reorder and when. Easily find thousands of items by organizing them in categories. Quantic can update inventory count for you, send automatic stock alerts and generate purchase orders so you’re always stocked.

How to update an existing stock and add new stock?

Login to the Quantic backend portal. Click on the left navigation bar Main-menu under it click on ‘Inventory’. Click on the upper right side ‘Inventory’.

Under inventory you will be able to see all the items which are enabled for inventory tracking . Click on Update-Device corresponding to a particular item to edit. To add a new stock click on Add-sign

On the upper right hand side and enter the required details and
finally click
on as shown in the screenshot.

How to generate a Purchase Order (PO)?

Login to the Quantic backend portal. Click on the left navigation bar Main-menu click on ‘Inventory’. 

Click on the ‘ Purchase Order’ on the upper right hand side.

Click on Add-sign on the upper right hand side and enter the details and click on Update-Device

The PO generated can be downloaded as a pdf and can be emailed directly to the vendor,
You can also edit the PO at any time by clicking on Update-Devicecorresponding to the PO.

Once the order is received you can update the PO generated as seen in the screenshot.

How do I add a promotion?

Adding a promotion is a great way to set a time-sensitive product offering to help bring in future sales! Follow the steps below to set up Promotions in the Quantic Portal for your POS. 

First login to you backend portal using your account credentials. 

Next, On the left side, click the calendar with a star icon. Here you will see the options for Promotions, and Promotion Rules.

 Then, add the Promotion Event details by following each prompt box.

Under Add Rule, you will be prompted to put the specific date and time in which the promotion is effecting.

To add the promotions effect to an Item, click on the Menu tab on the left, and select the item that will be effected by the promotion. Click on the pencil icon to edit the item.


After, scroll down to Enable Settings > and mark “Enable Event”. You will be able to select which promotion is affecting this item.