How to set up Ingenico iPP320

What you will need


Magic Box

Power supply

Ethernet cable

Set up

  1. To start; connect the magic box to the back of the iPP320
  2. Connect the ethernet cable to an available port on the back of the router or network switch
  1. Connect the other end to the magic box.
  1. Connect the power cord to the power supply
  1. Plug into the magic box
  1. On the copyright screen QUICKLY enter 2364 and press the green button.
  1. If done correctly “press f for menu” will appear on screen.
  1. If taken to “welcome” screen press the # along with the yellow key until the screen goes black and the reader resets; after this you will need to retry step 4.
  1. Once in the menu arrow down to 3- TDA
  1. Select 0–        configurations
  2. Select 0–        communication
  3. Select            comm type 
  4. Select 1–        ethernet
  5. Press the yellow button to go back to the communications menu
  1. From communications menu go to ethernet settings
  1. Select connection method
  2. Select server
  3. Go back to previous menu with yellow button
  1. Select DHCP
  1. Ensure auto is selected
  2. Press the yellow button
  1. Scroll down to IP Port
  1. Verify or enter port value of 12,000
  2. Press yellow button to go back
  1. Scroll down to SSL
  1. Ensure or select yes
  2. Press yellow button to go back
  1. To save and reboot the device press the yellow key 4Xs
  1. Select yes
  1. After reboot the copyright screen will show again
  1. Press the red button and copy down the IP address=
  2. This will only be visible for a few seconds
  3. You can reboot as many times as needed by holding the # and yellow key.