How to set up Kitchen Printer U220i

  • The printer comes with a paper roll, ribbon, the power adapter. Remove the printer from the packaging. Click on the grey switch on the right handside of the printer and lift it up. Pull the front panel to load the ribbon ink and tighten the ribbon before putting it. Close the front panel.
  • Grab the paper roll so its leading edge feeds from the bottom of the role. Place the role inside the printer and close the lid on the paper.
  • Now connect the power adapter to the adapter plug and plug the other end of the adapter into a power outlet with the bottom of the printer exposed, plug the power adapter into the round port.Now plug an ethernet cable into the network port located on the bottom left hand side of the printer and connect the opposite end of the cable into the ethernet port on your router.
  • Now press the small switch located on the front right hand side of the printer to get it started.
  • Next open a web browser on your iPad or tablet.In the address bar enter the IP address as //IP address /webconfig
  • Please note the url will be all lowercase.
    If you are prompted for a username and password use epson all in lowercase and click on login.
  • To make the IP address static, open google chrome on the iPad/ Tablet. In the address bar type the IP address and click on Enter. The next screen which comes in front of you is the epson config screen. On the left hand side click on TCP/IP. On the right hand side of the screen under acquiring the IP address, click and change it to manual.
  • With the printer powered on lets connect to the quantic app. Back on the iPad/Tablet open the Quantic app, click on the left navigation bar, click on , click on Printers, Click on Scan printers, you can see the printer name as TM-220i. Click on Add. You can name the printer, Under Group select the required group if there are multiple groups , Enter printer type as Impact, Printer brand as Epson and click on Save to proceed.
  • Once the printer is added, click on the printer and enable Printing.
  • The printer is now ready to use