How to close the day operations in a restaurant

Let us learn how to apply tips.

Let us learn how to close the day operations in a restaurant.

As a server to close the day first apply tips on all orders.

Click on the left navigation tab Add-sign , Click on the next screen in front of you is the Tips screen which displays the Order #, Ref #, Check, Employee who took the order, Order Label, Amount paid, Tip, Last 4 digits of their Credit card and Action required.

Under Action column on the right hand side, Tap on the required reference no, under add action column click on Add tip button. A new pop-up will appear asking you to enter the tip amount and click on as shown.

Once the tip is added the Add tip button turns green and it will say Edit Tip.

You can also close an order without any tip, click on No tip to proceed if there is no tip on the order.

To edit a tip amount click on the green button ‘Edit Tip’, enter the tip and click on to proceed. The tip amount will get updated as shown in the screenshot.

Once the tips are applied,the employee can print ‘Employee Sales Summary’ report. The employee should have access to print the report. To give access to print the report it has to set from the portal on the backend. Once the employee has the access, he/she can click on he left navigation tab Main-menu , Tap on on the next pop-up tap on

The next screen will display the ‘Employee Sales Summary’ which can be printed and given to the Manager. This summary will include the employee’s total orders, tips etc. as shown.

Lastly the Manager has to print the ‘Sales Summary/ EOD’ Report and close the Cash Drawer.To print the EOD Report, Tap on left navigation tab Main-menu , Tap on , under that tap on The next screen will display the ‘EOD Summary’ which can be printed.

The last action for the Manager will be closing the Cash Drawer. To close the Cash Drawer, tap on the left navigation Main-menu and tap on

You can see all the cash drawers if there are multiple. Select the Cash drawer which you wish to manage as shown.

Select the Cash Drawer by tapping on Manage. To add a pay-in, click on Pay-in, enter the reason for pay-in and the amount and click on

You can also add a pay-out, click on Pay-out, enter the reason for Pay-out and the amount and finally click on

On the bottom side you can see the amount in the cash drawer. At the end of the day you can manually enter the actual cash in hand as shown.

Finally Click on ‘Close Drawer’ on the bottom right hand side of the screen. A pop-up will appear asking ‘Do you want to close the drawer’? Tap YES. Once you tap on YES it will reset the drawer to $0.00

Once you close the cash drawer a summary appears in front of you which can be printed.