How to apply tips

  • Let us learn how to apply tips.
  • Click on the left navigation tab Add-sign, Click on the next screen
    in front of you is the Tips screen which displays the Order #, Ref #, Check, Employee
    who took the order, Order Label, Amount paid, Tip, Last 4 digits of their Credit card and Action required.
  • Under Action column on the right hand side, Tap on the required reference no, under add action column click on Add tip button. A new pop-up will appear askingyou to enter the tip amount and click on as shown below.
  • Once the tip is added the Add tip button turns green and it will say Edit Tip.
  • You can also close an order without any tip, click on No tip to proceed.
  • To edit a tip amount click on the green button ‘Edit Tip’, enter the tip and click on to proceed. The tip amount will get updated as shown below in the screenshot.