Hardware Installation

Unbox Printer and accessories

Set up in desired location

  • Unbox Printer and accessories
  • Set up in desired location
  • Plug network cable into bottom of printer
  • Install other end of network cable into switch/port
  • Install Ink Ribbon (If impact) and printer paper
  • Plug power cord into outlet

Wait for printer to acquire IP address


Make sure to always write down IP address next to proper printer (TM1, KP1 etc). Always double check and confirm IP recorded is for the right printer.

Printer Configuration

  • a. Select Location
  • b. Select Configurations

c. Select Printers

  • Add Group (Kitchen/Receipt)
  • Add Printer Names (Dummy) (KP1,TM1,etc..)
  • Add IP Address (Include [local_printer] following the IPaddress
    of Kitchen Printers – U220 and U220i models. Do not include [local_printer]
    for T88V model printers)
  • Add Printer Model (TM-M30, TM-u220i, TM)

Configure Printers in web browser.

  • a. Input IP Address into web browser (No HTTP)

b. Enter Login Details

  • Username: epson
  • Password: epson

c. In Printer Properties (Epson Page)

  • Select TCP/IP
  • Change From Automatic to Manual
  • Hit Send
  • a. Input (IP Address)/webconfig into web browser. Just use

b. Enter Login Details

  • Username: epson
  • Password: epson

c. In Printer Properties (Epson Page)

  • a. Select Spooler

b. Select Settings

  • Change “Enable Count” to 4
  • Change “Interval” to 30
  • Hit Apply

Ipad Configuration

  • Unbox Ipad and USB Network Adapter & Lightning Adapter
  • Install Ipad into Vault Stand with provided tools.
  • Connect Wifi Adapter and Lightning Adapter to Ipad


Make sure Ipad is plugged in. If it is not plugged in, this may cause an error message saying: “Not enough power for Adapter”

  • Power on Ipad and configure settings
  • Make sure no Apple ID is entered
  • Do not assign a password or fingerprint scan
  • Agree to Apple Terms and Conditions
  • Do not enable Siri

POS Configurations

  • Go to metispro.com/cloud1 or metispro.com/cloud2 to download POS onto Ipad.
  • Login to each terminal using login assigned on sheet ( TM1@ store.com etc.)
  • In Printer Configurations page, make sure each printer is assigned to proper terminal.
  • Thermal Receipt Printers – Enable Receipt Printing
  • Kitchen Impact Printers – Ticket & Fire Printing should be enabled


Make sure Kitchen Printers are assigned to Food/Drink Categories prior to testing transactions to ensure all receipts are printing out.

  • Printer Configurations In POS App
  1. In the menu, select Control Panel -> Printers.
  2. Select Scan Printers
  3. Press Add next to the printer you want to select
  4. Select Group (Kitchen, Receipt)
  5. Enable Drawer (Yes/No)
  6. Drawer Name (If Enabled)
  7. Printer Type (Impact/Thermal)
  • Test Transactions
  • Once everything is hooked up. Conduct a test transaction by ringing up a Test Product or other item. Ring it through as CASH to test cash drawer. Make sure cash drawer opens and Merchant/Customer receipts print.
  • Once CASH test transaction is complete, perform a CREDIT test transaction. This can be done by pressing CREDIT in CHECKOUT. Once Credit is selected, look for the prompt on the card reader. Press cancel on the reader to complete test transaction.
  • Receipt Formatting
  • Ask the client if they would like Merchant/Customer Receipt copies for each terminal. This can be edited at each terminal in Control Panel > Settings > Receipt > select options for each terminal (Customer/Merchant Copies turned on/off for Cash & Non Cash transactions)

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