General Settings

On the General Settings screen, you will have the following options:

  1. Enable Biometric Login

  2. Enable Shake to refresh

  3. App Icon Style

  4. Haptic Feedback 

To enable dark mode for your Quantic Analytics app, first, you will navigate to the settles option on the left-hand navigation bar.

On this screen, you will have the following options:

  • Enable Biometric Login
  • Enable Shake to refresh
  • App Icon Style
  • Haptic Feedback

Biometric Login

This setting will allow you to scan your fingerprint to open your for to enable, simply press the switch so that it is green.

To test, log out of the app and return to the home screen. There you should receive a pop-up that states “Touch ID for “Analytics.”

Using the same fingerprint that unlocks your iPhone you will be able to login to your Analytics app with a scan of your fingertip.

Enable Shake to Refresh

This option will allow you to shake to refresh your phone’s data. For example, when looking at your daily glances for either Service Area or Payment Types your daily sales will increase as your business closes sales.

To see the most updated data simply switch on Shake to Refresh and gently shake your phone to easily refresh your data.

App Icon Style

This setting is purely aesthetic. If you prefer your icon to be dark or light you can enable it here and it will change the color of the app on your home screen from dark mode to light.

Haptic Feedback

Haptic Feedback is the amount of vibration that your device produces in your hand.

Here we offer you the option to change the level of vibration that your phone makes as it refreshes your data:

  1. None No Vibration on Refresh
  2. Light Some Virartion
  3. Heavy More Virabtion on Refresh