Doordash Driver

Delivering the online orders via DoorDash

Order delivery is seamless now with Quantic-DoorDash integration. Track the driver’s location, know the pickup time, and get the driver’s status directly from the POS. Let’s understand this with an illustration. 

  1. John has visited the eCommerce Express website and chosen the Delivery option to get the food delivered to his location.
  2. He selected the food, proceeded to the checkout page, added the delivery location, and paid for the order.
  1. The order number is generated, and the same order number will appear in the POS under the Delivery Order section. In this example, the order number is 0167.

Reviewing the Dasher status on the POS

The Delivery order placed via eCommerce Express can be seen on the Quantic POS in the Delivery Order section. Quantic has collaborated with DoorDash for all third-party deliveries. In the following section, you will see how a server can see the dasher status on the POS.

  1. Open the left navigation on the POS and click Delivery Order to check the order details.
  1. Select the Third Party Delivery tab.
  2. The list of all third-party deliveries will appear, as shown in the screenshot. Tap on any order to view the status of the delivery driver.
  1. Let’s take a look at order number 0167.
  2. It shows the complete order details like customer name, delivery address, delivery date/time.
  3. As the order is waiting for the driver to be assigned for delivery, status shows in front of Dasher Detail.
  4. Click the button to see if the Dasher Detail status has changed or not.
  1. Once DoorDash assigns the dasher, it shows  adjacent to the Dasher Details. The dasher’s name and contact number are also displayed underneath the Dasher Details.
  2. You can also track the real-time location of the dasher by clicking on the  button.
  1. This is how the dasher location will show on your screen. The expected arrival time will also be displayed at the bottom of the map. In this illustration, the expected arrival time is 1:50 am.

How Customers can track their orders?

Customers can track their orders directly from the profile section in the online portal. They can see if the driver has been assigned to the order, estimated pick up and drop time of the order including the dasher’s phone number. Here are the steps that customers can follow to track orders.

  1. Visit the eCommerce Express website.
  2. Login to the portal with username/email and password.
  3. Click and tap See your profile.
  1. Go to the Previous Orders section.
  2. The list of all previous orders will be displayed on the screen.
  1. The Order Track Status pop-up will inform you about the order status, Dasher name, estimated pickup, and delivery.
  2. See the Live Track section at the bottom and tap on Click Here link.
  1. Here is a live tracker that shows the real-time location of the dasher.
  2. The left section displays the these details – Order received status with expected arrival time and dasher tracker, driver name and contact number that a guest can call upon to know the driver’s actual location, Order Details with order subtotal that guest has paid or has to pay, and Customer address where the order will be dropped.
  3. You can zoom in to the screen to get the precise location of the dasher.