Quantic Smart Terminal


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How to run a transaction?

Login to your Quantic Smart Terminal with the Username and Password.
Enter the unique four-digit pin that has been provided to you in the welcome letter.
The Enter Amount screen appears. Here you need to enter the amount that you want to charge from your customer.
Select Cash or Card depending on how your customer wants to pay. In case you have a cash or a credit surcharge program, you will see a different price on the card option.
On the Refund screen, enter the amount to be refunded by using a virtual keyboard. Use the Clear button to edit the amount.
And finally, click the Refund button at the bottom.

How to void a transaction?

After logging in to the Quantic Smart Terminal, click the Navigation button and select Transactions.
Now the Transactions screen will open, click the Completed tab.
The list of transactions (credit/cash) will appear in the drop-down.
Click the Red button against any order that you want to cancel.
Finally, click Yes on the confirmation screen.

How to close the batch?

If you have not set up Auto Batch Close, you can close it manually by following the below steps.
Click the Navigation tab. Hit the Batch button and click Close Batch.
Check out the screenshot.

How to run a report?

Login to your Quantic Smart Terminal with the Username and Password.
Enter the unique four-digit pin that has been provided to you in the welcome letter.
Now tap on the Navigation button (present on the top left corner) or simply swipe the screen to the right.
A new screen will appear, here click Reports.
Now you will land on the Reports screen where you can run the reports as per your choice.
  • Sales Summary
  • Employee Sales Summary
  • Batch Report
This is how the Sales Summary looks, which represents Total Cash and Credit Sales.
You can scroll to the bottom to check Net Sales (Cash + Credit) after deductions.

How to add an employee?

Once you log in to your Quantic Smart Terminal portal, go to the top left corner and click the Navigation tab.

On the list, click over the Employees tab.

A new screen will pop up displaying the list of employees.
Go to the bottom right corner and click the ➕ button.
Moving forward, you will land on the Add Employee screen, here you should fill in the employee’s information.
Enter the following details and make sure they are correct.
  • First name.
  • Last name.
  • Hit the 🔻 button to select the role of a particular employee.
  • Choose a security pin.
Finally, click Save.

How to change the settings?

Login to Quantic Smart Terminal, click the Navigation button.
Now choose Settings from the bottom.
From the Settings screen, you can customize the Quantic Smart Terminal as per your needs. For that, you just have to toggle the switch to On or Off.
Here are the different options that you will get at the Settings screen.
  • Clear Cache – Click the ♻ button to remove the cache files.
  • Likewise, you can also Enable Print confirmation, Enable Suggested Tips or Disable the Print confirmation by toggling the switches to On or Off.

How to reprint a ticket?

Once the payment is successful, you will see the same on the confirmation screen and it will be displayed with the Green Tick.
If unfortunately, the payment fails, you will see a Red Cross on the screen with a Payment Unsuccessful message underneath.
Now enter the customer’s email address to send a soft copy of the payment receipt to the customer. Once done, hit ✔ to send.
Or, you can also print the Customer Copy or Merchant Copy by clicking over the appropriate option.
Click No Thanks, if you don’t want to print a receipt copy.