Default Screen

The default screen will appear after logging in to the POS. You can customize the service areas at the bottom. This POS illustration has 5 service areas – Quick Order, Bar Tab, Takeout, Main Dining, and To Go.
The table formation resembles that of a restaurant for whom the POS is designed. The above illustration has nine tables that are ready to take orders. Table no. 7 (in red) is busy and is already serving customers.
This is a cutout of table number 7 from the above illustration. Following is the detailed observation of this table.
  • The timer on top is in HH:MM format. This is the time the guests have spent at the table. In the above example, the guests have been at the table for the past 18 minutes.
  • John D is the name of the employee serving the guests.
  • 7 is the table number.
  • The number 2 in the brackets ahead of John D is the number of guests at the table.
Once an order receipt is sent to print, the virtual table will turn green as seen in this screenshot.