(Customer Display System)


CDS Login Screen

This is how the Quantic login screen looks like. To start using the CDS, you need to enter the registered Email Address and Password on the login screen and tap on Login.
Selecting the Remember Me option will save your email address and password, hence you don’t have to re-enter the login credentials to access the Quantic CDS account.
If the user is not registered, please contact Metispro Support.
After logging in to the Quantic CDS, you will be asked to select the terminal. Choose the one that you want to access by clicking the Get Access button.
Upon selecting the desired terminal, a screen with the location logo will appear until any order is started on the POS app.

Elegant Interface

Once an order is started on the POS, it will start displaying in the CDS app. Here are the elements that you will see on the screen.
  1. Item name
  2. Item price
  3. Item quantity
  4. Any add ons (modifiers) and their price.
  5. Happy hours
  6. Discount
  7. Any extra charge
  8. Loyalty points earned
  9. Tax and the total amount
  10. Special notes

Add Predefined Tip with Signature

After the order is paid on the POS, the CDS will display a Signature Pad where customers can apply the tip and digitally sign the receipt.
Quantic CDS provides an option to apply tips either by selecting the predefined percentages or by writing the custom tip amounts.
Customers can also select No Tip if they do not want to apply any tip to the order.
After applying the tip, customers can sign and click on Done Signing to complete the order.
Clear Signature will clear the signature area allowing the customer to sign again.

Email and Text the Receipt

After making a payment, the customers can choose to have their receipts sent directly to them via Text or Email. They can also choose to take the print of receipts by clicking on the Print option on the CDS.

How can a Customer Display System help?

  • It ensures order accuracy, reduces the discrepancies in purchases hence builds trust and improves the customer’s buying experience.
  • Customizable display with the flexibility to place the screen in your preferred location.
  • Display whatever you want on the screen to the customers.
  • Loyalty program to engage customers and boost sales.
  • Improves the aesthetics of your countertop by eliminating unnecessary payments devices.
  • Helps you to avoid hefty fines by keeping you in compliance with the local federal laws.