(Customer Display Screen)


What is a Customer Display Screen?

Quantic Customer Display Screen (CDS) is a digital screen that allows you to display the ordered items to the customers. On this screen, the customers can view their orders, tax information, discounts (if any), the total amount to be charged, and loyalty points information. CDS makes the checkout process smooth by displaying every piece of information in real-time

Connecting Quantic POS to the Quantic CDS

Quantic CDS works in sync with the Quantic POS. The Quantic POS screen is a server-facing display where they can take the orders and process the payments whereas the CDS or customer display screen, faces the guests and shows the real-time activity running on the POS. For Quantic CDS to start functioning, needs to be connected to the Quantic POS. The CDS will display the order information such as items purchased, prices, a tax levied on orders, the total transaction amount, and loyalty points earned. 

  1. Download and Install the latest build of Quantic POS and CDS on separate iOS devices.
  2. Open the Quantic POS app, tap the Hamburger icon on the top left and click the Hardware section on the left.
  1. Select CDS as shown in the screenshot.
  1. Tap the toggle button over Start Server, next to the IP address. Do not close this screen as the QR code on the right will need to be scanned from the CDS scanner.
  1. Now open the CDS app on the other device.
  1. Tap the icon and scan the QR code displayed on the POS. Or, you can manually enter the IP address of the POS manually in the given field. Once done, click .
  1. Once the connection establishes between the POS and CDS, the business logo will start appearing on the screen.

Order Workflow on POS and CDS

Great! You have successfully configured the Quantic CDS with your POS device. Now your CDS is ready to go all set to serve your guests. Please take a look at the steps below to see the workflow of your CDS device.

  1. This is how the Customer Display Screen home screen appears before the order starts.
POS Screen (Server facing)
CDS Screen (Guest facing)
  1. The server enters the order on the POS app and the same order will reflect on the customer-facing display.
  2. Guest verifies the order and pays for the order to the server.
  1. Guest tips, signs on the CDS screen and clicks the Done Signing button at the bottom.
  1. On payment completion, the guest can choose the receipt options- email, SMS, or print.