How to set up Card Reader IPP320?

Its under Hardware and Troubleshooting.

Unboxing and Initial Setup:

In the box you will find iPP320 Terminal, connection cable, a guide, power supply (if required), PIN privacy shield (optional), 3xm2.5 screws (optional), application user guide(optional).

Begin by locating the connection cable, hold up on the handle and plug it into the port on the bottom of the reader. Insert and tighten two of the included screws to hold it in place. When you are done push down the handle and secure the back with screw to prevent tampering.

Next connect the power adapter to the connection cable and plug the connection cable to the port available on your router. Connect the adapter to the power outlet and wait for the reader to automatically turn it on.

Once the reader is setup, it will say bolted and it will display the serial number on top of the screen.The serial number along with MID will be required in the backend to complete the setup process.Once set up the reader,you will require to select the terminal to get started.