Quantic allows you to customize your system to your exact needs. Accessing the Configuration menu is easy, simply login to your Backend Portal and select the Gear icon on the left sidebar.

General Information

Within General information you can add details about your company and its operation such as location, contact, and store hours. Be sure to click the red save button before leaving the forms.


Under the Payment tab you have a variety of powerful options. You can choose what types of payment you want to accept, what tax rates will be applied to orders, even define your own payment.

Defined Payment Option

To add your own payment method click the button labeled User Defined Payment Option on the left sidebar.

  1. Click edit and add a new method with a name.
  2. To add custom fields to the payment method such as names or quantities, click Extra Fields on the left sidebar.


The Printing category contains everything you need to configure your printers, order tickets, and receipts.

When editing the printer properties you can easily choose which group they print from.

In the receipt menu you can choose from a number of customizations for when, how, and what is printed.

Adding Suggested Tips

Quantic POS makes it easy to add suggested tips to your customer’s receipts. 


First, start on the backend Portal 

Next, click on “Settings” located in the left navigation bar.  

That should take you to a page that looks like this. Find the Printer icon, then select “Receipts.”

To add Suggested Tips simply enable “Show Suggested Tip On Initial Receipt” & “Show Suggested Tip On Receipt.” Then REFRESH the Quantic app!


Under the reports section you can decide where each report can show up and if you would like to display or print those reports even with open orders.

Delivery Information

Loyalty Program

Within the Loyalty Program section you can now reward your customers for returning to your business. After enabling the loyalty program you can set how many points your customers
earn per dollar and how much those points are worth.

Display Setting

In display settings you can easily edit your service areas such as delivery or the dining area to keep the incoming orders organized and easy to understand.

Enable/Disable Caller ID

Go to Portal 

Click on Settings. Then select Basic Configurations. Next, enable or disable “Enable Caller ID Integration.” Finally, REFRESH the app

Create a Cash Discount

Log in to your back portal and On the left side, click on Configurations > Payment

Click on the tab that says set up cash discount. Here you can label the discount and also adjust its discount percent