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Quantic provides you the ability to take orders online as well as offline. With cloud based processing even if your internet connection is not available all of your data will be saved locally and synced with cloud database as soon as your internet connection is available.

Quantic is the appropriate business solution for restaurants as well as retail businesses.

Quantic provides different ways in which you can process orders for your business: Table Side, Online Ordering and Self Ordering.

Quantic provides compatibility with different hardware devices to help you with the ease of your business. Various hardwares currently integrated with Quantic are Cash Drawers, Kitchen Printers, Receipt Printers, Scanners, Card Swipers, Weighing Scale. Our team is always in process of adding new features and hardware to make your POS experience even better.

Quantic provides you the option to choose from multiple payment
gateways to use with the POS like CardConnect, Heartland, Elavon.

Quantic provides you the ability to update the menu being shown in POS as per your convenience from the backend portal. Just login to Quantic Portal with your registered credentials and select ‘Menu’ from left navigation drawer. Here you can add/edit all the menu items which will be reflected in the POS.

Quantic provides you the feature to track various menu items with our item count functionality. This provides you with the ability to track the quantity of any item available. Simply log in to the backend Portal to enable ‘setcount’ from the Configurations bar. Once it is enabled simply long press any item in POS and set its count. It also notifies when the required quantity in cart is more than the available quantity reducing the hassle in managing the items available.

Quantic provides you a complete section of Reporting and Analytics in the backend portal. It contains all detailed reports as well as summaries. You can access reports ranging from a single day to a whole year without any difficulty. Simply log in to the backend portal and select ‘Reports’ from the left navigation drawer. It contains a list of all the reports required by you for your business. Quantic also provides few selected reports as printable reports from the POS which can be seen and printed directly from the device. These can be restricted to be seen by specific roles only.

Quantic helps you in keeping track of your employee’s working hours with the Clock In/Clock Out functionality. Clock In and Clock Out can be made mandatory for any role as per your need. All the Clock In/Clock Out times are saved in the backend portal under Time Management. This section also helps you in calculation of the employee’s pay based on their working hours and hourly pay rates. You can also access the payroll report from the Reports section for detailed information.

Quantic Support is available 24×7 to help you with any issues you might face with the POS. You can call, text or email our support team at any time and they will be happy to help you in resolving any issue.

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How can I install your Quantic POS extension?
How can I install your Quantic POS extension?
How can I install your Quantic POS extension?
How can I install your Quantic POS extension?

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